wpa_supplicant & ipv6

Sam Leffler sam
Tue Jun 27 08:19:39 PDT 2006

Dan Williams wrote:
> Hi,
> Question came my way recently about wpa_supplicant and IPv6.  My initial
> reaction was that wpa_supplicant shouldn't be doing _anything_ with IP
> addresses, since that's what other programs are supposed to do.
> However, l2_packet_linux.c has a call for IFADDR, which is used in
> ctrl_iface.c for the STATUS call.  So what's the flow here for the l2
> stuff in 802.1x auth, and does the auth server actually send us an IPv4
> address which we're then expected to use for something?  Do other tools
> need to pick that address up from the control socket and use it, or is
> the l2 stuff completely encapsulated within wpa_supplicant not supposed
> to be exposed outside of it?

I recently saw a report from a netbsd user (cc'd) of an issue using
wpa_supplicant over ipv6 but they didn't provide enough details to
follow-through.  The symptom the user reported was seeing increasing
rxseq# violations for CCMP--as if the rekeying was not happening
correctly.  Looking at l2_packet.c I'm wondering if things can work in
an ipv6-only network.


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