wpa_supplicant & ipv6

Dan Williams dcbw
Tue Jun 27 07:32:20 PDT 2006


Question came my way recently about wpa_supplicant and IPv6.  My initial
reaction was that wpa_supplicant shouldn't be doing _anything_ with IP
addresses, since that's what other programs are supposed to do.

However, l2_packet_linux.c has a call for IFADDR, which is used in
ctrl_iface.c for the STATUS call.  So what's the flow here for the l2
stuff in 802.1x auth, and does the auth server actually send us an IPv4
address which we're then expected to use for something?  Do other tools
need to pick that address up from the control socket and use it, or is
the l2 stuff completely encapsulated within wpa_supplicant not supposed
to be exposed outside of it?


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