promisc mode in hostap driver

Mattia Rossi mattia.rossi
Sun Feb 26 07:15:07 PST 2006


I'm trying to capture frames with FCS Errors with the hostap driver in
managed mode. I did some adaptations to the driver, and everything seems
to work, but if i set the card (a netgear MA401with prism2 chip pcmcia
card) into promisc mode, it seems that it doesn't stay into managed
mode, and i can not send and receive anything anymore.
But every information on the system says that the card is still
associated to the ap and in managed mode. Does the promisc mode affect
the association?
As i read in other mailing lists, it should be possible to send and
receive packets in promisc mode.
Has anybody an idea what can be done?

Thanks for your help


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