hostapd for wisp

Michael Plourde mplourde
Mon Feb 20 13:32:21 PST 2006

is there a lrp version that i can use with wisp distribution ? Or do i have
to cross-compile it by myself ?

I have try the lrp for bering uclibc but when i try to start the daemon,
i've got a "not found" error. Even if i put the whole command line:
/usr/sbin/hostapd -h
/usr/sbin/hostapd: not found

When i list the directory the file is there !??! I try to run the lrp on a
linux red hat and i've got the answer: bad ELF interpreter : file or directory not found

So i guess this is the reason that it doen't work on the wisp distribution.
Any idea ?

Thank you,

Michael Plourde
Digicom Technologies Inc.

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