WPA_Supplicant used with CCKM.

Alex Wallis awol
Fri Feb 17 02:07:01 PST 2006

Renaud Roques wrote:
>>The main time consumer for roaming is likely in scanning and AP
>>selection. If wpa_supplicant is used in ap_scan=2 mode and the driver
>>supports background scanning and has a reasonably good roaming
>>implementation, there should not really be than long a gap in
>>connectivity when roaming to a new AP (assuming that the old and new AP
>>are within radio range from the client at the same time). Finding a good
>>roaming implementation from an open source Linux driver may be a bit
>>difficult, though, at the moment.
> Thank you for your answers.
> The driver, I use, is madwifi-old. In fact, I think that the background scan
> is only implemented in the "madwifi-ng" version. But my problem is that I
> cannot compile the last version of madwifi-ng with my 2.4.21 kernel. The
> compiler tells that the structure struct_netdev is undefined. After
> research, this structure is only defined in 2.6.x kernels. So, is there a
> version a madwifi-ng with background scanning, that I can compile with my
> 2.4.21 kernel, or is there a page or site, or forum where I can search for
> this information?
> Thank you.
> Renaud.

The official madwifi site is http://www.madwifi.org/

The first time user's guide for madwifi is at...

You can join IRC channel #madwifi on irc.freenode.net at anytime, to 
talk to the developers and support team and may get more help there. 
There are also mailing lists you can join with the details for that 
listed on the website.

The 2.4.21 kernel is quite old, upgrading to 2.6.x may be your best 
option. Here's a link to help you do that....



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