WPA_Supplicant used with CCKM.

Renaud Roques r.roques
Fri Feb 17 00:29:44 PST 2006

> The main time consumer for roaming is likely in scanning and AP
> selection. If wpa_supplicant is used in ap_scan=2 mode and the driver
> supports background scanning and has a reasonably good roaming
> implementation, there should not really be than long a gap in
> connectivity when roaming to a new AP (assuming that the old and new AP
> are within radio range from the client at the same time). Finding a good
> roaming implementation from an open source Linux driver may be a bit
> difficult, though, at the moment.

Thank you for your answers.
The driver, I use, is madwifi-old. In fact, I think that the background scan
is only implemented in the "madwifi-ng" version. But my problem is that I
cannot compile the last version of madwifi-ng with my 2.4.21 kernel. The
compiler tells that the structure struct_netdev is undefined. After
research, this structure is only defined in 2.6.x kernels. So, is there a
version a madwifi-ng with background scanning, that I can compile with my
2.4.21 kernel, or is there a page or site, or forum where I can search for
this information?

Thank you.


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