WPA-EAP-TTLS with AirPort Extreme

Jörg Sommer joerg
Wed Dec 27 05:35:54 PST 2006

Jouni Malinen schrieb am Sun 24. Dec, 15:59 (-0800):
> On Mon, Dec 25, 2006 at 12:31:22AM +0100, J?rg Sommer wrote:
> > I configured my wpa_supplicant according the instructions at
> > <http://www.uni-jena.de/Linux_Fedora_Core___Scientific_Linux_4_x_mit_WPA_EAP_TTLS_PAP.html>,
> > but I can't connect to the network. The log is here
> > <http://www.minet.uni-jena.de/~joergs/wlan12.wpa>. Can someone tell we what
> > goes wrong? Why wpa_supplicant can not connect?
> Have you tried commenting out anonymous_identity option (i.e., use the
> real identity in first phase)?

Here is the output from the connection without the anonymous_identity.

Does it look like the kernel driver has a bug? Should I ask the bcm43xx
team for help?

Bye, J?rg.
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