preserving 802.11 header and other details

madhuresh madhurag
Tue Aug 29 22:22:38 PDT 2006

hi all,

I wish to extract some details (say signal strength) from rxdesc and 
then wish to pass it to user space after checking against some filter 
code (to be implemented by me in the hostap). But i have some questions:

Do i need to implement some other interface for this - because the 
packets which dont satisfy the filter, should be passed to the kernel in 
the usual way as other applications must be waiting for them. In that 
case (if i need to create a new interface), am i supposed to just copy 
the rxdesc as skb and put it in the new interface ?

Or i should implement Net Link Socket between libpcap (a packet 
capturing library in user space) and the hostap ?

Please suggest. Thanks


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