wpa_supplicant and blobs

Branko Subasic branko.subasic
Wed Aug 30 01:02:49 PDT 2006


I am trying to use the wpa_supplicant in a system that
has no file system. Instead I hand the certificates to
wpa_supplicant using blobs. 

The certificates are downloadable and the allowed formats
are PEM and PFX/PKCS12. My problem is that wpa_supplicant
only seems to handle certificates in DER format when passed
as blobs. However, once the certificates are downloaded to
the system the code has idea in which format the certificates are.

Any suggestions how to solve this?

If I the certificates were stored in files the the wpa_supplicant
handles it just fine. By the way, the system uses 802.1X with EAP/TLS.

Thanks in advance

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