how to test Wlan card after installing and inserting hostap modules

sharad singh.sharad
Fri Sep 30 06:16:02 PDT 2005

Hi everyone,

 I have cross-compiled hostap-driver for MIPS and inserted the module in the kernel.The lsmod shows the following output:-

hostap_plx 67264 0 - Live 0xc0227000
hostap_pci 64848 0 - Live 0xc0216000
hostap_cs 73408 0 - Live 0xc0203000
hostap_crypt_wep 6784 0 - Live 0xc01b6000
hostap_crypt_tkip 13824 0 - Live 0xc01bf000
hostap_crypt_ccmp 18400 0 - Live 0xc01b9000
hostap 137488 6 hostap_plx,hostap_pci,hostap_cs,hostap_crypt_wep,hostap_crypt_t0.....

Now when i issue iwconfig it shows no wireless extensions found.I am using prism 2.5 based pretec WLan card
.How can i make my wifi card running OR how can i test my card is functioning or not...

Can any one help me please..Thanks in advance,
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