Question regarding WPA-PSK 4-way EAPOLs (wpa-supplicant 0.3.9)

Bar, Eitan eitanb
Wed Sep 28 23:08:46 PDT 2005

Normally EAPOL timeout at Cisco AP is 100ms (seen also in Sniffer).
wpa_supplicant responses are quicker than that.
I'll give it a shot though :)

Attached to this message is an Airopeek sniffer trace showing the failed
handshake. I would really appreciate if you could take a look :)


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Eitan Bar wrote:
> 1st EAPOL from the AP (Cisco 1200) is received, and when
> wpa_supplicant generates the 2nd EAPOL, there seems to be something
> wrong with it (AP repeating 1st EAPOL).

I had a very similar issue last Thursday with certain cards (using the
wpa_supplicant windows port), using Cisco 1100-series APs.  It seemed to
be timing-related (even clients that did finish the 4-way handshake were
having some minor issues).  After changing to version 0.4.5 (which
includes a change to the interval that wpa_supplicant checks for new
packets from winpcap while doing EAPOL), the issue went away.

Might be worth a shot, at least (but keep your old executables around
just in case).
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