wpa_supplicant Windows port, again (WPA2)

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Tue Sep 27 04:06:00 PDT 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Interesting.. If nothing else, you could try triggering DHCP to renew
> the lease after the connection has been completed.

Oh, we've been down that road once already...  ;-)

We can't find any public, documented API to trigger a new DHCP packet.
Most of the APIs we found will tell the service "you need to renew your
lease *eventually*", and it would just keep going with its current
attempt.  After the timeout, it would finally send another REQUEST or
DISCOVER packet.

That's why we finally decided to have the DHCP service depend on mine,
and not finish my service's startup until traffic could be passed.

Anyway, I think the issue now isn't that the first packet is getting
lost, but rather that the DHCP service is just finishing its startup
before it programs an address into the NIC.  Netlogon starts immediately
thereafter, which doesn't work, because there's no IP address yet.

If that's true, then I can work around it by introducing another service
which starts after DHCP, and basically just delays for a few seconds on
startup.  Yes, that's a horrible hack, but if the DHCP service is going
to tell other network services to go ahead when there's no IP address
yet, then it's needed.

(All in the name of a short OS startup time.  Good grief!)

> Yes, that is indeed the event message that is sent when both pairwise
> and group keys have been configured and the connection is ready for
> data traffic.

OK, thanks!
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