wpa-supplicant for adhoc networking?

newbie wpa-list the_hmmm_guy
Fri Sep 16 16:09:05 PDT 2005

Hi, Is there a way to use wpa_supplicant for a network of adhoc nodes. I
use the simple WEP encryption for adhoc nodes, but I am not at all
satisfied with the security WEP offers. I would rather prefer to use
certificates to authenticate adhoc nodes. I have used wpa_supplicant for
certificate based authentication among in Infrastructure mode, and I
thought there must be a way to use the software for adhoc mode as well.
If its not that easy and might require a lot of changes in the software,
I would appreciate if someone from the developing guys could give me a
hint which files could be interesting to look at for possible changes and
what serious issues I might solve once I try to include / rewrite some
code for getting the software working for my adhoc network.

I would be grateful for a helpful reply.

- amer

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