wpa_supplicant - 4WAY_HANDSHAKE aborted

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Thu Sep 8 00:26:58 PDT 2005

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 08:09:33PM -0500, jdong at otcwireless.com wrote:

> I had the same issue as reported by Pieter E Smit back in Feb, 2005:
> http://lists.shmoo.com/pipermail/hostap/2005-May/010193.html
> Basically, the wpa_supplicant failed to get master session key from EAPOL state
> machines. I don't know why.

Please send a debug log from wpa_supplicant showing this.

> AirPort Extreme) and kept the same AP+RADIUS settings, the Apple supplicant
> works without any problems. Thus, I suspect there is some bugs related to
> wpa_supplicant or madwifi driver.

I'm not aware of any bug in wpa_supplicant or madwifi driver that would
cause this. There are known issues with number of RADIUS servers not
following EAP specification, though, and 0.4.x versions of
wpa_supplicant may include more EAP workarounds that would allow it to
ignore such incorrect behavior.

> The wpa_supplicant version is the latest stable version: 0.3.9.
> I would like to know whether this problem has been resolved or not. Any help
> would be highly appreciated.

I cannot answer this before seeing the debug log.. I would recommend
testing with the latest devel branch (0.4.x release or snapshot) if you
want to easily verify whether a workaround for the issue you are seeing
has been added.

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