Long distance links at 5.8GHz

Jim TerWee jim
Mon Sep 5 20:15:04 PDT 2005

On Mon, September 5, 2005 8:39 pm, Beat Meier wrote:
> Hello
> Is anyone using a long distance link at 5.8Ghz with madwifi?
> If so how long, what cards, what signal level, snr do you have what
> antennas (both directional, one omni etc.)
> It would be nice to use this information and to put on the wiki page
> as information for the people.
> I think more than more that 5.8 GHz is not usable for point to mulitpoint
> application or at least not with madwifi because limitation of hal ...

First I have not used an Atheros card in multi point applications. In
point to point applications we rountinely install links up to 15 miles.
Signal levels tend to run about 30/94 and snr of -60 cm9's and the sr5
cards. Antennas are solid dishes from Pac Wireless. I never use more then
1 foot of LMR 400 to connect from the radio jumper to the antenna. I also
use vtun so I can bridge though.

Jim TerWee

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