Host AP driver and Linux 2.6.14

Beat Meier bmeier
Mon Oct 31 07:25:54 PST 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:

I've downloaded vanilla kernel source 2.6.14 and wanted to build hostapd ...
Until now I have used only external release, so if I miss something, 
sorry ....
but  there is only support for Prism chipset.
How do I add madwifi support for hostapd in this version??



>Host AP driver is now included in the Linux kernel tree (starting from
>the 2.6.14 release couple of hours ago). All the future development of
>the driver is expected to happen in the kernel tree from now on and the
>external releases from will be only maintained to
>support older kernel versions. In other words, no new features are
>planned for inclusion and 0.4.x will be the final version for the
>external Host AP driver tarballs.
>Other than the location of releases and main code repository, I don't
>expect larger changes in the development process. I will continue
>collecting patches for the driver and then submit them for inclusion
>into the kernel tree.

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