TX Packets in Monitor Mode

Wireless Dude wirelessdude12345
Sun Oct 30 23:15:40 PST 2005

Hi all,

I'm trying to send an arbitry packet while in monitor mode.
(We are creating our own lightweight wireless protocol for a university 
I adapted hostapd.c to send a packet with the payload I want.
I put the card in monitor mode and try to send the packet.
I have a sniffer accepting all packets, and it sees 4 packets, that look 
like they have my created payload spread through them (data seems to be 
there, just spread out across the 4 packets).
My question is, can I send a packet in monitor mode?
If not, how can I send a packet that I have constructed? ie no source addr, 
destination addr, BSSID, type, etc..
Is this possible using the hostap driver?
I'm using a prism2 card and the latest hostap driver.

James P.

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