wrt54g ssid broadcast disabled

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Sun Oct 30 14:52:30 PST 2005

Lucia Di Occhi wrote:
> Is there any configuration/workaround to connect to a wrt54g v3.1 
> latest firmware with disabled ssid broadcast?  I am using the 
> ndiswrapper driver.

Sure; check the sample config file, specifically the section on ap_scan.
The ndiswrapper driver does support the required mode.  ;-)

> Spare me the talk about disabling SSID Broadcast when using WPA which
> is secure, etc., etc.:-)

Yes, WPA is "secure", so removing the SSID doesn't add much.  (Actually
WPA and TKIP are only an interim measure; the long-term fix is to move
to WPA2 and AES-CCMP.  TKIP wouldn't include countermeasures that get
invoked when a MIC check fails, if it was a long-term fix.  AES-CCMP
doesn't include these countermeasures, because it doesn't need them.)

But you should know that removing the SSID IE from the beacons wouldn't
give you anything anyway, even with 40-bit WEP.  The beacons still go
out (they have to, otherwise the supplicant would not know whether the
AP matched its security configuration, or whether a downgrade attack was
happening), and the association-request/association-response frames
include the SSID anyway.  So anyone listening while an association
happened would still know the SSID.

But, if you still want to turn the SSID off, look at the sample config
file, in the ap_scan section, as above.
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