WPA-PSK: question about state machine implementation

Rafa Marin Lopez rafa
Thu Oct 27 15:05:02 PDT 2005

Hi all

In wpa.c file

there is some lines in SM_STEP(WPA_PTK):

else if ((sm->sta->wpa_key_mgmt == WPA_KEY_MGMT_PSK)
             /* FIX: && 802.1X::keyRun */)

My question is regarding /* FIX: && 802.1X::keyRun */ comment. Certainly 
in 802.11i they check 802.1X::keyRun variable so because of that comment 
is written. However who is supposed to establish the value to TRUE if 
there is no EAP authentication?. What part of code should establish this 
variable to TRUE?


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30071 Murcia - Spain
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