HostAP in FC4

Mishar mishar.mahboob
Sat Oct 22 17:53:46 PDT 2005

I am a newb in Linux.  And I am trying to configure hostap in AP mode
using the LinkSys cards.

I have been successful in installed the hostap kernel modules and the
device driver coming in RPM which  . 'lsmod' says that pcmcia is
attached to hostap_cs. But whenever I do a ifconfig wlan0/eth1 I get
this message

wlan0:error fetching interface information: Device not found.

I edited the etc/modprobe.conf adding the following lines

alias wlan0 hostap_cs
alias eth1 hostap_cs

In the network device manager I have found Linksys cards in the Ethernet
Device category and also the device name being 'eth1'. But its not found as
a wireless device .

What can I do? The Readme is not helping me much for
installation.Please help me with your experience

Ahmed M Mahboob
Graduate Student

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