hostapd bit rate setting, Rate not more than 18Mb by a signalof -42dbm ...

Beat Meier bmeier
Thu Oct 20 06:05:35 PDT 2005

Dan Searle wrote:

>Not sure if you realise, but there's a very similar discussion going
>on on the madwifi-devel mailing list at the moment, regarding some new
>Atheros 5213 based cards not transmitting at higher than 18Mbit/sec.
>Sounds to me like a hardware/HAL problem, i.e. wait for this magickal
>new "software release" from Atheros I suppose...
No I didn't know because I'm not subscribed until now...
Thanks for the info!

Yes I want to try new driver but was not able to compile hostapd 0.4.5 
yet and hostapd 0.4.4
did not work for me until now.


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