Dual Radios: Was Re: Virtual WiFi on Linux?

Kelly Hogan kshogan
Wed Oct 19 13:54:43 PDT 2005

LOL,  Come on Jim....
> This is why, sans co-ordination (or a lot of filtering), two radios  
> (even on ch1 and ch11) in the same box don't work.
Someone tell our running 200+ dual radio AP Mesh Repeaters that they
can't work..  

This is simply not the case.  We have lots units in the field, running
on Soekris 4511 & 4526, dual radios, AP Master, and Backhaul client, 
hostap code, and plenty of throughput.  One box, 3-4 channel separation,
and smoken performance.  Our in field tests show less than 5%
degradation in overall performance when adding nodes up to 16 nodes in
the mesh. 

Jim, IT CAN BE DONE!  Lets be real!  Maybe on paper it causes problems
but our paperless engineers took the lets build it and see approach.  It


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