failure after 4 way handshake

matthieu castet castet.matthieu
Mon Oct 17 11:47:36 PDT 2005

matthieu castet wrote:
> Hi,
>>What happens if you do not swap the key?
> It still doesn't work.
> I have done more testing for the key and :
> if I don't set correctly the first 16 bits, the packet is dropped.
> What ever I set for the RX key, the packet is decrypted but seem to
> contain some garbage at the end (but wpa_supplicant is still able to see
> it as IEEE 802.1X data)[1].
I think I found the problem :

the RX frame is 8 byte too long and the encrypted packet is 8 bytes too 
short. And the LLC header is 8 bytes long.

In the windows driver, the driver manage the LLC stuff, in the Linux 
driver it is the card that manage it.

There is may be a incompatibility with LLC and WPA for the card, or I 
may be I set a wrong value to the config register (I copy the value from 
windows driver).


PS : knowing the WPA key is there a way to decrypt the transmit packet ?

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