wpa_supplicant not working in Windows

Alicia Caminero Caminero alicewalkerwalker
Thu Oct 13 01:44:58 PDT 2005

    Hi, I've got a problem with wpa_supplicant for

    I'm trying to use wpa_supplicant for Windows
instead of the Windows one to connect to a wireless
net which uses IEEE 802.1X with EAP-MD5. All the
autentication stuff is done by a radius server which
works fine.

    The programs and the versions I'm using are:

    - WinPcap 3.1
    - wpa_supplicant for Windows 0.3.9
    - Windows XP, Service Pack 2

    My concrete problem is that it seems that, on one
hand, wpa_supplicant stays in the state
"Authenticating" endlessly, but on the other hand, the
radius server says that I've been authenticated
succesfully. As the wpa_supplicant doesn't know that
it's been authenticated by the server, it keeps on
asking for authentication when its timeout expires. 

    There are two things that took my attention using
the debug option: 

    1. "EAPOL frame too short" message: As I read in
this mailing list, this message is not an error
because I'm using IEEE 802.1X and WPA is ignored.

    2. "ndis_get_oid: oid=0xd010101 len (6) failed": I
haven't got a clue of what does this mean.

    I've attached the configuration file
(config3.conf) and the debug exit (debug.txt) for
further information.

    I don't know if I am missing something or not, I'm
really stuck at this point so any help would be

    Thanks in advance,

    Alicia Caminero.

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