determining hostap interfaces from a dev pointer

Matt Brown matt
Tue Oct 4 16:13:14 PDT 2005


I'm working on a patch to correctly update /proc/net/hostap entries when
interfaces created using hostap are renamed. This is especially
important on machines with more than one hostap interface.

I'm using the register_netdevice_notifier function. Which allows me to
setup a function that receives netdev events for *all* interface in the
system. Unfortunately I can't find a way to restrict this to a specific
interface. I also couldn't find a way to get the required notifications
via netlink, hence the use of netdev. 

The problem I am having is that when my notifier function is called it
is passed a void * pointer to a netdev structure. Is there any way,
given an arbitrary dev structure to determine if it is a hostap

I need to know if the given dev structure is actually a hostap interface
so that I can safely access dev->priv->local. Obviously I don't want to
go messing around with dev->priv for interfaces that are not managed by
the hostap driver!

Does anyone have any ideas for techniques I could use to verify that a
given dev structure is managed by the hostap driver?

Kind Regards

Matt Brown
matt at
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