Ad Hoc to Infrastructure (Readable post)

Rahul Long brainstrm
Sun Oct 2 00:36:17 PDT 2005

Hi Everyone,
                   I needed some advice on how to set up a adhoc to 
infrastructure gateway. I have 2 wireless cards in the same laptop (Dell 
Latitude) and am running Linux FC4 2.6.12 kernel.
wlan0 (Netgear MA401, Prism 2.5) is in hostap (master) mode at 
and the second wireless nic eth0 (Dell Truemobile 1150) is at in 
Ad Hoc mode. eth0 uses AODV-UU-0.9.1 to network and route with other PCs on

I tried setting "" and "" on each Nic to be the 
default gateway for each of those networks. though the laptop saw both 
networks the other PC's on the AD hoc network did not see the 
I also tried to make a bridge between the two networks on the laptop with 
br0 set to but that did not work, as pings did not pass between 

Can anyone suggest a way to set up something like this where i can pass 
between two mode's of networks using one laptop and 2 wireless nics in the 
same laptop using hostap and Possibly AODV (I am using AODV as i was aiming 
to extend the reach of the Network in adhoc mode.)
AODV uses hello messages to establish a route before transmitting and binds 
while running to one Nic which i set as eth0 although i did try it on wlan0 
without any difference.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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