about: "PMKSA-cache: 802.1x authentication is forced even if AP have PMKID of the STA in its PMKSA-cache" + handoff process in wpa supplicant

Ajeet Nankani fromkth+hostap
Fri Mar 18 02:34:29 PST 2005

wesley wrote:
> Dear Ajeet Nankani
> I have read you post at Hostap mailing list. What you described is
> also happened to me. And I have no idea about solving this problem. :(

Jouni can you look into my old post about the same subject and see what 
could be the problem.

> I wonder how you force wpa_supplicant handoff to another hostapd. I
> make it by kill the original hostapd process and shutdown
> corresponding wlan interface (ifconfig wlan0 down). Then I call
> 'reassociate' in wpa_cli to force wpa_supplicant handoff to another
> hostapd. Could you tell me how you do it? The same as i do?

For me it is actual handoff between two APs as it normally happens in 
real environment.
I have two laptops as hostapd APs, and one as hostap STA.
i just move STA between two hostapd laptops to make a handoff.
But to actually do it in small room area either you have to play with 
transmit power and receive sensitivities of all cards or the antennas if 
they are detachable.

As, ap_scan=1 so the decision to scan and join is done by WPA 
Supplicant(host_roaming 2), so I guess WPA Supplicant takes care of 
handoff also, means it checks the SNR or the CommQuality with the 
current AP and asks driver to scan when it notices CommQuality or SNR 
lower than the defined one.
So after getting scan results from driver it joins the new AP according 
to network block policy, thus actually making a handoff.

Jouni can you comment on this, that if the procedure is like what i have 
described above.


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