Problems with wpa_supplicant/ipw2200/D-link

Chris Ross cross+wpa
Fri Mar 18 10:12:08 PST 2005

   I have a D-link DWL-7000AP, configured to have it's B/G side running
WPA-PSK.  I configured the wpa_supplicant.conf file as demonstrated in
the README with wpa_supplicant 0.3.8:

# allow frontend (e.g., wpa_cli) to be used by all users in 'wheel' group
# home network; allow all valid ciphers
	psk="my PSK goes here"

   However, when I start up the wpa_supplicant (compiled only with
IPW driver support), it scans for APs, and sees two:

   My non-broadcasting 802.11b AP, not WPA capable, and
   My DWL-7000 broadcasting for ssid "my-ssid".

   But, it reports a wpa_ie_len of 0 for both.  I'm not sure why,
but it reports that the DWL-7000 isn't WPA capable.  But, it is.
I configured it this way, and it works fine in Windows XP.  I'm
using the built-in WPA stuff downloaded from Microsoft, and
doing WPA-PSK, just as I configured the access-point to do.

   Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  Is this an AP bug?  I updated
it to the latest firmware a month or two ago, and that's still
the newest one d-link is offering.  Is the AP not reporting something
it should be, or is wpa_supplicant getting it wrong somehow.
Can I hard configure wpa_supplicant to try it anyway, since I
know it works (based on the windows driver working) ?


                          - Chris

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