Firmware help

Abhijit Bagri abagri
Tue Jun 21 15:07:24 PDT 2005


We are trying to implement a  new MAC level protocol. For it we have
decided to use the hostap code and change it to suit our protocol. For
this, I wanted to know a few things

- Do we have any control over the RTS/CTS handshake?
- What are the features implemented entirely in the firmware?
- Which registers of the prism2 chipset we have control over? Is there
a data sheet available. It would be very helpful if someone could
point me to one.
- In particular, can we suppress the delivery of acks?
- I beleive that the firmware cannot be tweaked as the code(and
probably even the language) has not been made public by the vendors.
What abhijire the limitations and bounadries this sets for tweaking
with the MAC and lower layers?

Any help in these directions will be great.


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