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RUPINDER gill goldygill
Tue Jun 21 16:55:14 PDT 2005

--- Abhijit Bagri <abagri at> wrote:

> Hi,
> We are trying to implement a  new MAC level
> protocol. For it we have
> decided to use the hostap code and change it to suit
> our protocol. For
> this, I wanted to know a few things

> - Do we have any control over the RTS/CTS handshake?

I believe that is controlled by the firmware. Having
said that RTSThreshold MIB controls when handhake
kicks in.

> - What are the features implemented entirely in the
> firmware?

Mostly the time sensitive operations like transmission
of ACKs etc. is controlled in the firmware. However
for more detail, you can refer to programmers manual

> - Which registers of the prism2 chipset we have
> control over? Is there
> a data sheet available. It would be very helpful if
> someone could
> point me to one.

Refer to programmers manual

> - In particular, can we suppress the delivery of
> acks?

Short answer - Maybe (depends on ur fimware hacking
Long answer - refer to the Usenix paper


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