Nokia C110\C111

Jar jar
Thu Jun 2 00:53:58 PDT 2005

You are totally lost here. The
howto says in

3.19 Nokia C110/C111

Driver status :  ???
Driver name :  nokia_c110.o
Version :  2.05

3.19.1 The device

As can be expected, the Nokia C110/C111 is another PrismII clone (see section 3.6).
On the other hand, it seem that Nokia has _changed_ quite a few things compared to
the _original_ PrismII design, for example they have added a Smart Card reader on
the Pcmcia card (for security settings).

3.19.2 The driver

Nokia initially quietly made this driver available in the registered only part of
their web site and didn't mention it anywhere, fortunately I have my spies to inform
me ;-). Later on, they moved this driver to their official driver page on their
public web site. This driver is only for the C110/C111, on the other hand the C020
is supposed to work with the linux-wlan package (see section 2.4).

So it says:

- It says it is PrismII clone but not original PrismII design
- It says that the driver is nokia_c110.o not hostap_cs or not orinico_cs or not

Best Regards, Jar

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