Nokia C110\C111

Nevyn nevynh
Wed Jun 1 23:59:14 PDT 2005

You point people towards the Linux Wireless Howto to find what manufacturers 
use the Prism II chipset which funnily enough, says that the nokia cards are 
based upon Prism chipset. Sure their first ones where based upon the Prism I 
chipset, and later, apparently used the Prism II chipset. If you're going to 
reference people to other sites, shouldn't you be checking the integrity of 
the information?

Obviously this card has come up before if you already know the problem with 
it and so obviously someone else used the information that your website has 
pointed to and drew the same conclusions as me. Thus, there is a problem in 
the information given.

Sure the howto is not your responcibility BUT if you're going to reference 
it, you should either ask the maintainers of that howto to note exceptions 
within their document based upon your own findings, or provide the 
information in some other way such as having a page listing cards, that 
although may appear to have Prism II chipsets, do not.

Lets have some integrity in the information rather than a "I know it's not, 
you should too" type attitude.

On 6/2/05, Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 10:13:31PM +1200, Nevyn wrote:
> > Shouldn't you post exception cards on your website? I mean, you specify 
> the
> > chipset, and sure I've heard that there are some exceptions but no real 
> list
> > of what those exceptions are.
> What do you mean with an exception? lists
> three supported chipset versions: Prism2, Prism2.5, and Prism3. As far
> as I can tell, Nokia C110 is not using any of these and as such, it is
> not really an exception.
> If someone claims that it is based on Prism2, Prism2.5, or Prism3, I
> would suggest opening up one of the cards and looking at the MAC chip
> and comparing it to list of MAC chips used in Prism2/2.5/3..
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