Nokia C110\C111, identifying driver compatible chipsets again in GENERAL

thomas schorpp t.schorpp
Thu Jun 2 08:53:10 PDT 2005

Nevyn wrote:
> You point people towards the Linux Wireless Howto to find what manufacturers 
> use the Prism II chipset which funnily enough, says that the nokia cards are 
> based upon Prism chipset. Sure their first ones where based upon the Prism I 
> chipset, and later, apparently used the Prism II chipset. If you're going to 
> reference people to other sites, shouldn't you be checking the integrity of 
> the information?

Jean Tourrilhes
27 August 04 (!) is only a general howto, compat info is respectively

standard hw-engineering disclaimer:
"design and specs are subject to change without notice"

i've stated repeatedly on this list, that manufacturers change chipsets
nearly with every new revision. this a common problem even with more
common cards than your "special" device. and prism g comes to maybe
never supportable softmac chips.

with such problems you cant demand "instant" linux support for such
special devices or new devices. this gets more and more harder.

heres the most actual list:

mainly outdated:

UPDATED February 1, 2004:

i suggest following steps to identify candidates to buy:

1. ask manufacturer to release info "under 4 ears" (chance is low).
2. download and extract windos driver and look at the name and contents
of the .inf file.
3. read linux driver developers sites carefully
4. if pcmcia, test before buy with laptop at the shop
5. if pci open package and look for the chip assembled
6. dont buy online
7. it may not work at all and never, dont blame linux engineers! be
patient and friendly to them. mass ask the manufacturers to release specs.

hope this helps.


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