WPA over WDS (was Re: [PATCH] Re: hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new development release v0.4.3)

Nomellames nunca nomesigas
Thu Jul 14 11:30:23 PDT 2005

> I believe this is becouse WDS frames are dealt from the firmware and never
> get to hostapd. before that code there is a check about the frame being
> ToDs or FromDS, dropping it if is neither one of the two.

The firmware sends the frame, hostapd receives it, and is discarded
due to the check you pointed out. I am working in a translator, so
instead of dropping it will transform the frame, i.e.,  take out the 4
address. I will post the code once I tested it and it is stable.

> wds links are created on the fly (see README) in master mode even if I
> don't know on what basis (beacon received or probes i guess). what happens
> after is out of standard so there's nothing decided.

I know. I create the wds links myself, problem is that whe hostap is
launched, it mantains its own list of associated STA.

> You can also do a non destructive scanning while in master mode

Yes? I will look into previous posts. The problem here resides in
force the other party into creating the wds link. My way of doing it

1-Scan in Managed mode
2-If Mesh eSSID found create WDS link
3-Associate in Manage mode
4-Change to Master mode
5-Begin WPA exchange

Problem resides in how the other party creates the WDS links. If you
do it yourself, hostapd never understand that this party is
associated, Thats why I have to associate in Managed modem so hostapd
will add the MAC STA to its list.


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