WPA over WDS (was Re: [PATCH] Re: hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new development release v0.4.3)

Leonardo Maccari maccari-thisaintpartofmyaddress-
Fri Jul 15 03:38:22 PDT 2005

On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 02:30:23PM -0400, Nomellames nunca wrote:
> > I believe this is becouse WDS frames are dealt from the firmware and never
> > get to hostapd. before that code there is a check about the frame being
> > ToDs or FromDS, dropping it if is neither one of the two.
> > 
> The firmware sends the frame, hostapd receives it, and is discarded
> due to the check you pointed out. I am working in a translator, so
> instead of dropping it will transform the frame, i.e.,  take out the 4
> address. I will post the code once I tested it and it is stable.

so if I understood well you want to take the frame, "reformat" it to a
normal ToDS frame and make it go all the way through hostapd. 
but then how do you recognize it into hostapd code? I guess you want it to
go out in wds format, so somewhere you should intercept and reformat it.

or you could send it as a normal format, but then why use WDS? I didn't
really get if what you want to do is secure WDS with WPA or you're
interested into a mesh network model.

If you still want to debug the code you can send it to me personally and I
can try to help you.

> > wds links are created on the fly (see README) in master mode even if I
> > don't know on what basis (beacon received or probes i guess). what happens
> > after is out of standard so there's nothing decided.
> I know. I create the wds links myself, problem is that whe hostap is
> launched, it mantains its own list of associated STA.

this means that WPA is not triggered becouse there has been no prevous

> 1-Scan in Managed mode
> 2-If Mesh eSSID found create WDS link
> 3-Associate in Manage mode
> 4-Change to Master mode
> 5-Begin WPA exchange

which way do you begin the 4-way exchange? do you plan to
use something like ad-hoc protocol (double 4-way)?

what about:
- scan in master mode. or just monitor WDS interfaces that automatically
  raise. add to list of associated STA the one corresponding to WDS
- trigger 4-way exchange, or 802.1X, both ways or one way only.	

> Problem resides in how the other party creates the WDS links. If you
> do it yourself, hostapd never understand that this party is
> associated, Thats why I have to associate in Managed modem so hostapd
> will add the MAC STA to its list.

I don't know if you really need association. you might just add checks on
ToDS/FromDS bits and decide that you will accept those frames also from
unassociated stations. We already know that wds frames are passed anyway
to hostapd and don't stop into firmware.


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