[PATCH] Re: hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new development release v0.4.3

Leonardo Maccari maccari-thisaintpartofmyaddress-
Thu Jul 14 03:42:36 PDT 2005

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 11:45:59AM -0400, Nomellames nunca wrote:
> Hello,
> I am also trying to get WPA over WDS working. While I made some good
> progress, I found some problems, and I will appreciate some feedback

what are the progresses you made?

> about them:
> In hostapd the folllowing structure in hostapd.h
> struct ieee80211_hdr {
> 	u16 frame_control;
> 	u16 duration_id;
> 	u8 addr1[6];
> 	u8 addr2[6];
> 	u8 addr3[6];
> 	u16 seq_ctrl;
> 	/* followed by 'u8 addr4[6];' if ToDS and FromDS is set in data frame
> 	 */
> } __attribute__ ((packed));
> Is already stating that WDS links are not supported. We should provide
> a way of translating so the castings will work right when receiving
> wds frames. I began working on that.

I believe this is becouse WDS frames are dealt from the firmware and never
get to hostapd. before that code there is a check about the frame being
ToDs or FromDS, dropping it if is neither one of the two.

I guess that saying "there is no standard for WPA over WDS" (that I've
read in the list before) explains this. post your code so we can
discuss your solution.

> In a related question, and to know if "on the fly" wds links can be
> created, is possible to scan or associate in Master Mode? My

wds links are created on the fly (see README) in master mode even if I
don't know on what basis (beacon received or probes i guess). what happens
after is out of standard so there's nothing decided. 

You can also do a non destructive scanning while in master mode but the
scanning phase means loss of connection for some time anyway and as I've
posted before I couldn't do selective scanning with hostscan.

I'm trying to link wpa supplicant state machine with hostapd code, using
the patch I've sent before.I'm having some difficulties becouse I should
import also eapol sm code, and becouse wpa.c doesn't contain just WPA SM

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