roaming with the wext driver when WPA isn't supported

Olivier Blin oblin
Tue Jul 5 03:26:33 PDT 2005


I'd like to use wpa_supplicant as the main roaming/scanning wireless
daemon in the next Mandriva Linux distribution.
(any comment/objection?)
Thus, it has to work with most of the wireless drivers, even if they
can only do WEP authentication.
However, the wext driver initialization currently fails with drivers
that don't support WPA natively, such as the rt2500 driver. It makes
the wpa_supplicant daemon to stop after wpa_supplicant_driver_init().
It works fine if I disable WPA enabling in wpa_driver_wext_set_wpa(),
but there ought to be some clean way to solve this issue.
Would it be possible to keep running if WPA isn't supported?

Thanks for this great tool!


Olivier Blin
Mandrakesoft becomes Mandriva

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