wpa_supplicant problems

Rob Vandermeulen rob.vandermeulen
Tue Jul 5 01:57:30 PDT 2005

Dear all

I have a proble connecting to a WPA enabled access point using 
WPA-PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2. The access points in question are a Trapeze MX system 
with a few antennas connected. The connection works perfectly on an IPW2915 
on WinXP with the latest Intel drivers, so the configuration is not broken. 
The bakend is a FreeRadius server. I tested multiple laptops (Acer TM8003 
with ipw1.0.4 (ipw2200 card) and wpasupplicant 0.3.9 & 0.4.3, and a few IBM 
T43 with ipw2915 cards, tried using 1.0.4 also) . All combinations of 
drivers / wpa_supplicant give an ssl error and fail to correctly 
authenticate. Luckily the AP system has extensive logging ?capabilties so i 
can provide you with 3 logs - the wpa_supplicant trying to connect, the same 
connection seen from the AP and a succesful connection from WinXP as seen 
from the AP. We hope to get this working as we have a few hundred IBM 
thinkpad notebooks that will need to work with wpa secured wireless under 

My attempt at analyzing this data - something goes wrong pretty early, the 
linux client never gets the AP to do a radius request. The SSL errors in the 
WPA-supplicant log are probably an indication. EAPOL errors also appear here 
and there. There is also a difference between the WinXP intel associate and 
the Linux intel associate ... the first says "associated RSN id" and the 
latter says "associated WPA id".
I already submitted this to IPW2200 list, and they told me it's a 
wpa_supplicant problem.

Kind regards
Rob Vandermeulen

some more info : kernel 2.6.12 (ipw drivers with the multicast patch), 
non-encrypted & WEP WLAN work perfectly - please note : company name in the 
logs has been altered afterwards by me.
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