hostapd 0.4.3..CVS: madwifi-bsd CVS: wpasupplicant CVS: winxpsp2: fixed

thomas schorpp t.schorpp
Tue Jul 5 08:06:22 PDT 2005

and hansen wrote:
> If you have problems with rekeying, then
> mess a little with auth_algs=X in hostapd.conf
> Regards
> Lasse Jensen
> --- thomas schorpp wrote:

no, thx. latest kernel image and 2 checkins in the madwifi-bsd cvs just
fixed it (wpa)

cant use rsn, since neighbours (latest) win xp supplicant cant see it..

test it later with ux2ux

BTW the ath-pci module has a APM problem, after suspend of old laptop it
needs to be reloaded or shit happens (cant authtenticate).


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