Hardware Support

dan.trainor dan.trainor
Fri Jul 1 18:28:28 PDT 2005

Hello, all -

For the past couple weeks I've been playing around with hostap a lot.  I
find it quite interesting, and very capable.

I've been searching the list archives, and then the FAQ, and finally
found out that hostap only supports Intersil Prism chipsets, which are
limited to 802.11b.

This was a huge blow to my ideas.  Unfortunately, the application in
which hostap was going to function would have required the support of
80.11b and 11g, possibly even 11a even.

My first question is, will hostap ever be perhaps updated or rewritten
to support these interfaces on other chipsets, as well?

Secondly, if I cannot use hostap for this purpose because of it's
limited hardware support (no insult to the author at all!  Wonderful
software, just does not fulfill all my needs), would anyone else mind
pointing me to some other software that could simulate multiple
WEP-encrypted APs and sessions off of a single wireless interface card?


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