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Andargor The Wise andargor
Sat Jul 2 01:58:04 PDT 2005

Hostap supports 11g and 11a hardware with drivers like


Madwifi is for the Atheros family of chipsets (D-Link,
et. al.). Make sure you get the BSD branch driver,
which is where development is concerntrated. Don't be
mislead by the BSD tag, it compiles fine on Linux (and
other *NIXes, supposedly).

Snapshots available at: http://madwifi.otaku42.de/BSD/
or read the docs for the BSD branch CVS.


--- "dan.trainor" <dan.trainor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello, all -
> For the past couple weeks I've been playing around
> with hostap a lot.  I
> find it quite interesting, and very capable.
> I've been searching the list archives, and then the
> FAQ, and finally
> found out that hostap only supports Intersil Prism
> chipsets, which are
> limited to 802.11b.
> This was a huge blow to my ideas.  Unfortunately,
> the application in
> which hostap was going to function would have
> required the support of
> 80.11b and 11g, possibly even 11a even.
> My first question is, will hostap ever be perhaps
> updated or rewritten
> to support these interfaces on other chipsets, as
> well?
> Secondly, if I cannot use hostap for this purpose
> because of it's
> limited hardware support (no insult to the author at
> all!  Wonderful
> software, just does not fulfill all my needs), would
> anyone else mind
> pointing me to some other software that could
> simulate multiple
> WEP-encrypted APs and sessions off of a single
> wireless interface card?
> Thanks!
> -dant
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