Strange Story (client had still access)

Beat Meier bmeier
Fri Jul 1 15:20:29 PDT 2005


I've had a very strang "problem". I was playing with hostapd, 
wpa_supplicant (madwifi) on 2 hosts.
One time I started hostapd on host1 and wpa_supplicant on host2 and vica 
So I had the same IP addresses on both hosts. When I noticed this I 
killed the wpa_supplicant
and changed the ip adress of the interface BUT I had still access to the 
host were the hostapd
was running. So I killed the hostapd and nothing changed ... I had still 
access to the host via
wireless interface from were the client was running. After starting 
again hostapd on the
same host it was last running, the client had no more access...

The bad news: I could not reproduce this error ...
But it seems that in some cirunstances a client can have access even it 
should not ...

And more strange this was in EAP-TLS WPA mode i.e. with encryption keys...
iwconfig didn't more report the key on the client (on server I don't know).
Are the key saved in the cards mermory?

A strange story


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