TKIP encryption and xsupplicant

Jeff Stevens jeff1132
Mon Jan 24 17:42:36 PST 2005

Dani Camps wrote:
> I want to set up a 802.1X authentication scheme for my
> wlan. I have an AP with WPA support, when I enable the
> support it allows me to choose between two different
> encryption methods TKIP and AES, I think TKIP is an
> extension of WEP by I don't know anything about AES,
> what is this AES ?
> So far I was using xsupplicant in my fedora core 3,
> but when I started it there were some errors about the
> encryption, it was saying that it didn't detect any
> encryption, but I had the same key configured in the
> AP and in my wlan card. So is it possible that the
> problem comes form the fact that xsupplicant doesn't
> support TKIP, that is what I had in the AP and to do
> all the key management stuff I need wpa_supplicant ?
> TKIP is basically like WEP but the keys are renewed
> periodically, isn't it ?

from what I see, xsupplicant doesn't support WPA yet (meaning your WEP 
and WPA-TKIP won't work), but it does support EAP-TLS (certificates). 
I'm not sure what AES is, I don't use that protocol.

I also have FC3, and I can tell you wpa_supplicant works with WPA, but 
not EAP-TLS.  So if I want to use my WPA at home, its wpa_supplicant. 
At work for EAP-TLS, its xsupplicant.  It's ugly, ugly switching between 
these two.

Jeffrey Stevens
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