TKIP encryption and xsupplicant

Dani Camps danicamps81
Mon Jan 24 10:32:21 PST 2005

I want to set up a 802.1X authentication scheme for my
wlan. I have an AP with WPA support, when I enable the
support it allows me to choose between two different
encryption methods TKIP and AES, I think TKIP is an
extension of WEP by I don't know anything about AES,
what is this AES ?

So far I was using xsupplicant in my fedora core 3,
but when I started it there were some errors about the
encryption, it was saying that it didn't detect any
encryption, but I had the same key configured in the
AP and in my wlan card. So is it possible that the
problem comes form the fact that xsupplicant doesn't
support TKIP, that is what I had in the AP and to do
all the key management stuff I need wpa_supplicant ?

TKIP is basically like WEP but the keys are renewed
periodically, isn't it ?

Thanks !

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