txpower settings. (Ajeet)

Ajeet fromkth+hostap
Thu Feb 10 00:37:05 PST 2005

Ged Haywood wrote:
> Hi there,
> On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 Ajeet wrote:
>>I am building a WLAN testbed(2 prism2 based APs and one prism2based STA)
>>in a small room, so need to reduce the power of APs so i can do
>>handover in a small room while moving away from one AP to the other AP.
>>So what do i need to do to reduce trasmitt power of APs.
> I think you might need to do more than reduce the AP transmit power,
> since you would not be reducing the AP receiver sensitivity at the
> same time.  It might be better to put a simple divider network between
> the antenna and the AP.

These are not commercial APs but are built using Prism2.5 PC-card in a 
laptops, and i am quite new to this area, so i dont understand what you 
mean by divider network between antenna and the AP....can you explain a 
little bit more.

> You could also try for example simply using a dummy load instead of an
> antenna on the APs.

Again i dont get your point here about dummy load.


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