txpower settings. (Ajeet)

Ged Haywood ged
Thu Feb 10 07:59:40 PST 2005

Hello there,

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Ajeet wrote:

> >>So what do i need to do to reduce trasmitt power of APs.
> >
> > I think you might need to do more than reduce the AP transmit power,
> > since you would not be reducing the AP receiver sensitivity at the
> > same time.  It might be better to put a simple divider network between
> > the antenna and the AP.
> These are not commercial APs but are built using Prism2.5 PC-card in a
> laptops

That makes no difference.

> and i am quite new to this area

So I gather.  :)

> so i dont understand what you mean by divider network between
> antenna and the AP....can you explain a little bit more.

The idea is to throw away some of the transmitted and/or received RF
power by using (for example) a resistor network connected between the
radio device and its antenna.  Another way would be to put the radio
device and its antenna into a metal box.  You could make a few holes
in the box to let some of the radio energy leak in and out - I don't
think the results would be very predictable but I'd be interested to
hear your experience. :)

You might find this useful:


> > You could also try for example simply using a dummy load instead of an
> > antenna on the APs.
> Again i dont get your point here about dummy load.

See for example


and try Googling, there is a lot of information out there on this kind
of subject.

Be aware that what works at 10MHz or 100Mz might not work at 2.4GHz.
You will need to do some reading on the subjects before you can make
really useful RF measurements. :)


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