Wireless drops out and takes all bridged interfaces with it

Ognjen Bezanov ognjen
Sat Feb 5 04:11:49 PST 2005

Hi all,

I am running hostap-0.2.6 with kernel 2.6.2 (only kernel i could get it 
working with) and i find that when the wireless if being heavily used 
(i.e. almost all of its bandwidth is used up for greater then 4 minutes) 
the wireless will drop out,  no clients can connect to the access point, 
and all nodes on the wired network cannot connect to the server (via 
10mbit interface briged with the wireless), the only way to fix this is 
to reboot the pc.

This time round i got something out of dmesg:

wifi0: STA 00:40:96:5a:50:fa did not ACK activity poll frame
wifi0: sending disassociation info to STA 
00:40:96:5a:50:fa(last=55804583, jiffies=56105583)
wifi0: sending deauthentication info to STA 
00:40:96:5a:50:fa(last=55804583, jiffies=56106583)
wifi0: Could not find STA 00:40:96:5a:50:fa for this TX error (@56106594)


After this I couldnt access the wireless (but for once the bridged 
10mbit link was still up)

What could have caused this? is it a hostap, kernel or client caused error?

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