Wireless drops out and takes all bridged interfaces with it

Ognjen Bezanov ognjen
Fri Feb 11 04:07:07 PST 2005

Jim Cromie wrote:

> Ognjen Bezanov wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am running hostap-0.2.6 with kernel 2.6.2 (only kernel i could get 
>> it working with) and i find that when the wireless if being heavily 
>> used (i.e. almost all of its bandwidth is used up for greater then 4 
>> minutes) the wireless will drop out,  no clients can connect to the 
>> access point, and all nodes on the wired network cannot connect to 
>> the server (via 10mbit interface briged with the wireless), the only 
>> way to fix this is to reboot the pc.
> honestly, Jouni is much more interested in working on current release, 
> w a current kernel.
> Id jump straight to bleading edge - and did.
> its probably easier, not harder.
> think of all those bugs fixed between then and 2.6.10 ..
> 2.6.10,
> 0.3.5 hostap
> 1.0 ndiswrapper
Since my last email, i tried the development version (0.3.5) with a new 
2.6.10 kernel but still the same problems

also upgraded the firmware to v1.1.1 (pri) and v1.7.4 (station)

Only improvement is that when the wireless goes down it doesnt take the 
server with it (everything is still up and running, can access 
everything via wired eth0, but i cannot associate to the ap anymore 
without a reboot). Also i do not get any error messaged anymore...

Im continuing with attempts to isolate the problem, im beginning to 
think that my client is causing it somehow.

But at the same time my client works with my campus access points just 
fine (which are 'normal' hardware access points) so im not sure, but ill 
keep trying..

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