FULL RSN GO with linux, windows build wpa_supplicant not, ndisoide errors, rsn_ie=0

thomas schorpp t.schorpp
Mon Aug 29 05:17:50 PDT 2005

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> thomas schorpp wrote:
>>latest wpa_supplicant dev release windos build does not do with the 
>>dlink atheros driver, or was it build with rsn disabled?
> I'm using it with RSN on Windows, so no, it was not built with it
> disabled.  ;-)

show config + -dd log?

> However:
>>seems windos ndis drivers wont support it, at least these from d-link
> If you aren't using the DWL-G520 rev-B (PCI card) drivers that were
> released on May 9, then you are correct.  The earlier drivers for the
> G520 rev-B and rev-A cards did not support RSN (and the latest driver
> for the rev-A cards still doesn't).
> The G630 driver for all card revisions (this is a Cardbus card) is also
> unable to do RSN.
> I haven't looked at the D-Link drivers for other cards, but it wouldn't
> surprise me to find that most of them are really old (for example, the
> G630 driver is from September of 2004), and don't support RSN.

latest driver ver 4.11 hw rev. C2 dwl-g650 cardbus (atheros)

why should they support rsn, winxpsp2 supplicant sees but cant connect
to my rsn hostapd either. i think they wait for ms "wps"... -speculative-

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