FULL RSN GO with linux, windows build wpa_supplicant not, ndisoide errors, rsn_ie=0

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Mon Aug 29 10:01:57 PDT 2005

On Mon, Aug 29, 2005 at 02:17:50PM +0200, thomas schorpp wrote:
> Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> > 
> > I'm using it with RSN on Windows, so no, it was not built with it
> > disabled.  ;-)
> > 
> show config + -dd log?



	psk="really secret passphrase"

I don't have logs available from here, unfortunately.  I should note that
we don't use hostapd, but rather an Orinoco AP-700 sold by Proxim.

(Not that I'd recommend that -- Proxim support is absolutely horrible,
and these APs screw up the beacon if you enable multiple SSIDs with
different encryption requirements.  Proxim claims "that's not supported",
yet they have some tech bulletins on how to set up multiple SSIDs, and
enable just one of them in the beacon.  Whatever.)

The "whatever" SSID is not being broadcast, so we have to use ap_scan=2.

> > I haven't looked at the D-Link drivers for other cards, but it wouldn't
> > surprise me to find that most of them are really old (for example, the
> > G630 driver is from September of 2004), and don't support RSN.
> > 
> latest driver ver 4.11 hw rev. C2 dwl-g650 cardbus (atheros)
> why should they support rsn, winxpsp2 supplicant sees but cant connect
> to my rsn hostapd either. i think they wait for ms "wps"... -speculative-

If you're using XP, there is a WPA2/WPS update available:


which might help.

But the latest drivers from D-Link for that card are from November of
2003, older than the G630 drivers.  (This is the same age and the same
version as the drivers we were using for the G520 cards before last
May.)  I don't believe XP's supplicant will allow you to choose WPA2
(RSN, AES) without support from the driver, even if you do install the
update above.

One option might be to try a different driver for that chipset --
Atheros's or Netgear's drivers might advertise RSN support through NDIS,
which would mean that wpa_supplicant would be able to use it.

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